Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adding our ‘Ummmppphh’ to a dear friend!

In local community, whenever you go for supper at teh terik (typical drink for supper) stall, after ordering, most of the people will add a remark to the waiter: Boss, teh nak yang ada ummmppphh (boss, tea comes with ummmppphh).

“Ummmppphh” is a common dialect used here, referring to something better, superior, with energy and booster.

Today Robin would like ask everyone to give your ummmppphh to our dear Dr Razak.

He is a dear friend of us, and has been going through challenge with courage.

Dr Razak is living with CML since Y2006 and he will soon undergo bone marrow transplant in Sept 2007.

Dr Razak is sharing his story through his blog at
Also, you can read about it at

Do give your ummmppphh!


ajak said...

dear robin
thanks for being a wonderful friend, for being always around and for being always 'listening'

Pat said...

wow, this is out of this world!

well i give this thing to my dear friend Dr Razak.

And to me sister, Robin, and my friend double F.

Robin said...

Dear Dr Bone,

Am always good to you... spending 2 hours to figure out about the side bar comments listing, you owe to big supper!

Robin said...

Dear Pat,
Also giving you the ummmppphh!

Dear Double F,
Not forgetting you.

Dear Superman & Darna,
One for each of you.

And Pumpkin Lady, mom to be,
You will get two from us!

Batman said...

Thanks Robin invite me to this Supper corner! ...hrm....Call me Batman...My name is Batman, My best partner ROBIN!!!! Phew!!!!...u know??? Teh Tarik also call : PULL TEA. Remember this words??? Sound familiar??....hehehe this Supper Corner really bring me back to that night we all with a BIG SUPPER GATHERING with our oversea friends. Every one feeling relax, casual and no pressure. I will always keep this SUPPER NIGHT in my mind! It is not easy to have all the BEST friends from different country sitting together and have FUN WITH MALAYSIAN SUPPER!!! Pls keep this scene forever in your mind. PLs come back again Buddies to have a big supper!!! SUPPER CORNER, U R GREAT!!!